Breathe Cleaner Air in Palmer & Wasilla, AK

Breathe Cleaner Air in Palmer & Wasilla, AK

We'll help you filter out contaminants with indoor air quality solutions

Has someone in your household been suffering from allergy-like symptoms? Before you blame the pollen outside, consider that the problem might be your home's indoor air quality. Luckily, Realty Repair Services offers a variety of indoor air quality services to remove dust and other irritants from the air. We can install a heat recovery ventilator or whole-home air filtration system designed to improve indoor air quality.

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Could your air be making you sick?

Our indoor air quality solutions can protect you and your loved ones from airborne:

Mold - which can get in your lungs and make you sick.
Pollen - one of the leading causes of allergy symptoms.
Allergens - these can cause sinus trouble, coughing and skin irritation.
Pet dander - which can settle into your carpet, furniture or lungs.
Bacteria - which can lead to serious infections and illnesses.

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